by Daniel Pimentel — Mon 10 October 2016

GNU ease.js is a framework, not a compiler. It may be used wherever JavaScript may be used, and supports all major browsers; ease.js also provides support for older, pre-ES5 environments by gracefully degrading features (such as visibility support) while remaining functionally consistent. Features include:
  • Simple and intuitive class definitions
  • Classical inheritance
  • Traits as mixins
  • Access modifiers (public, protected, and private)
  • Abstract classes and methods
  • Interfaces
  • Static and constant members
  • Transparent error subtyping
  • Support for ECMAScript 3+


$ git clone git://git.savannah.gnu.org/easejs.git

Serve-side include

/** example-include.js **/
var easejs = require( 'easejs' );

Client-side include

<!-- to simply use ease.js -->
<script type=text/javascript src=/scripts/ease.js></script>

<!-- to include both the framework and the unit tests -->
<script type=text/javascript src=/scripts/ease-full.js></script>
GNU ease.js
2000-2016 by Daniel Pimentel under GFDL